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Drive policy with sound science

Once the study and data analyses are complete, dissemination is needed to accomplish the goals and objectives of the study. The first step toward dissemination is identifying a target audience. Example: If the goal is to evaluate the implementation of smoke-free legislation, the audience may be public health advocates or policymakers. The second step is to formulate a key message to effectively translate study findings.

To develop a key message, consider the following:

  • Summarize study results in a clear, concise way.
  • Develop a message that is accurate and relevant.
  • Reach your audience with written communications.
  • Consider cultural, geographic and political characteristics.


This project is funded by the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use and the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute (FAMRI), developed in consultation with Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the University of Southern California, Institute for Global Health.